Mizuno Club Fitting...

A standard full club fitting will be an in depth look at your swing profile utilizing Mizuno's patented Swing DNA technology.  A full club fitting will take about an hour and run $125.00 

Any student of the Golf Academy who has purchased a minimum of $1,000 in lessons will receive FREE labor on the cost of material installations from the club shop through the duration of their membership and will also receive one FREE Full Club Fitting with adjustments if needed. 



Club Repair:

  • Shaft length Adjustment                                         $5 per club
  • Club Head Reset                                                  $6 per club
  • Broken Shaft Removal                                           $7 per club
  • Removal of Shaft for Head Rattle Repair              $10 per club
  • Re-Shaft Club                                                       $8 per club
  • Grip Installation w/ purchase of grip                  $1 per club
  • Grip Installation w/o purchase of grip                $4 per club
  • Full Set Cleaning                                                  $35

Club Fittings:

  • Full Iron Fitting                                                            -$50
  • Full Driver & Woods Fitting                                             -$40
  • Full Set Club Fitting                                                     -$125
  • Full Putter Fitting                                                               -$10
  • Single Iron Re-Fit (Loft & Lie Check/Adjustment)            -$4 per club
  • Full Iron Set Re-Fit (For set up to 10)                               -$30
  • Putter Re-Fit (Loft & Lie Check/Adjustment)                -$5