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Playing Lessons...

9 - Holes $200.00

               One of the best ways to learn about an individuals playing ability is to go out and watch how they get around a course.  Not only do we see how our students react to positive and negative outcomes, we can see how they approach their round of golf from the minute they hit the driving range.  There is an incredible amount of feedback and data received from these lessons in a short amount of time.  These outings are extremely valuable to both the instructor and the student.  We can work on every potential shot that you may come across, and some you may have had but had questions as to how to approach escaping trouble.  The biggest factor is how you think your way around the course.  Game and course management are crucial to lowering scores.  This way we're able to diagnose what the key issues or symptoms may be out on the course and then better identify those issues on video back indoors in our facility.  

              We offer playing lessons as part of our Imperial level Lesson Programs, however they can also be purchased individually or added to any plan you may have with us.