Simulator Rental...

~18 Hole Tee Time - $35.00

~ 9 Hole Tee Time - $20.00

~ 60 Minute Single Player - $25.00

~ 30 Minute Single Player - $18.00

High Definition contact screen 12 ft. x  9 ft. for greater width with an Epson Projector that has a total output of 6500 lumens. 

~With the E6 Golf software you have the ability to play over 80 golf courses from around the globe.  You can play St. Andrews by your self or play Pebble Beach with three of your buddies, we've got the Tee Times and course options for you!

~ Direct TV access on a dual monitor system so you can watch TV while you play.  Our massive projector can also turn into a big screen to watch any sporting event! 

Winter League...


The League will start January 2nd, 2018 and will run for a duration of 12 weeks.  The 3 month winter golf league will have participants play and post scores on a weekly basis.  We will have different formats and team events as well as a prize for the overall low champion at the end of the 12 weeks. Handicaps will be able to be used.  You can book your tee time by clicking the link above!  Contact us for more information on how to sign up! 

League Dues:

- $120.00 Monthly Membership fee
- $324.00 If paid up front (10% discount) 

Range Time...

4 - 16 Week programs available-

The Structure-

~All range practice programs provide the option to schedule unlimited 30 minute sessions over their respective duration
~ FlightScope integrated programs take your off season practice to the next level with 3D Doppler Radar and a full digital driving range with target practice, closest to the pin contest, longest drive contest and short game practice. 

The Benefits-

~ Unlimited range ball sessions provides consistent practice options throughout the off-season
~ The range practice programs are for ball striking practice only
~ Flight-Scope Integrated programs provide simulation ball flight on a digital driving range using ~ 3D Doppler Radar to practice everything from short game to full swing

Range Practice Programs:

~ 30 minute hitting session w/ range balls -                                            $6.99
~ One week unlimited 30 minute hitting sessions w. range balls -           $39.99

~ Four week unlimited 30 minute hitting sessions w/ range balls -          $129.99
~Sixteen week unlimited 30 minute hitting sessions w/ range balls -      $495.99

Flight Scope Integrated Practice Programs:

~ Single 30 minute Flight-Scope range session -                                       $17.99
~ Four week unlimited range ball with                                                                                                                           Four 30 minute Flight-Scope range sessions -                                          $199.99
~ Sixteen week unlimited range ball with
 Sixteen 30 minute Flight-Scope range sessions -                                     $759.99