“Awesome place!!! J.T. Watson is great!!!!”

Timothy D. - July 23, 2018

“Helped a lot was totally setting up wrong.”

John J. - July 17, 2018

“Was very helpful.”

Cindy B. - June 25, 2018

"Jon was a great instructor. Knew his golf and was very helpful in starting me on my journey of correcting my swing. I have a lot to work on and can only be done one step at a time."

Dennis D. - June 3, 2018

“Jon was very accommodating and supportive, but detailed with the video. We are looking into lessons and will be signing up soon. “

John T. - April 29, 2018

“Video of the lesson and comparison with video of professional golfers clarifies the excellent points made by the instructor. “

Russell T. - February 9, 2018

"After the swing analysis I started lesson with J.T., my swing has dramatically changed for the better in the few times I have gone.  Hands down a great way to see your swing and learn from it.  The lessons are worth every penny as well!"

Jeramie B. - September 1, 2017