Passion. Process.  Perform. 



Second annual Imperial Golf Tournament

To see highlights from the event, click here.

Year two of the event was amazing!

We saw a growth in the event and in the donation made to Patriot Outreach!

we are Looking forward to next year!


Welcome to Imperial Golf.


At Imperial Golf we believe there needs to be much more focus put on the mental and game management side of golf. Sure, fundamentals and swing mechanics are important, but through our own students we are consistently reminded that we need to highlight better mental process. It seems as though there are many swing instructors out there only focused on the mechanics and not how the player organizes there practice.

There are many different philosophies throughout the world of golf instruction today and therefor so much information which means making improvements can become confusing and often times leaves the golfer with more questions than answers.

Why as golfers do we not implement structure and process much like the professionals do? Yes, they play and practice most days with their support staff and a very specific process but why is this not possible, at least on a small scale, for the amateur golfer? Our goal is to bring that level of professionalism and insight to the amateur player. We first provide a basis of swing mechanics and then delve into the player’s mental approach.

Our primary mission is to deliver a quality level and overall experience of golf instruction that compares to a professionals process. So we invite you to schedule a swing analysis to learn more about how we are improving the future of golf instruction and coaching.

Passion. Process. Perform.



(929) 251 4653


6265 Lewis St.
Parkville Commons
Parkville, MO 64152


Tuesday 10a - 2p : 4p - 8p Wednesday 10a - 2p : 4p - 8p Thursday 10a - 2p : 4p - 8p
Friday   10a - 2p : 4p - 7p
Saturday 9a - 1p : 3p - 6p



Our Introductory Session designed primarily to establish a baseline and develop an improvement process going forward…


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