About Imperial...

Imperial golf was started in 2013 as a stand alone golf facility here in Parkville, MO.  With a lot hard work and perseverance we were able to grow the business through word of mouth based on a stellar reputation for eye opening instruction.  Over the last few years our vision has been and still remains to impact the world of golf on a major scale.  The renovation in February, 2017 was the first major step in the direction of growth for Imperial Golf.  Creating a one of a kind purpose built facility that encompass' all aspects of the game of golf to further benefit our students and help mold a better game tee to green.  With hard work and determination we are now poised to grow the brand of Imperial Golf.  

Why Imperial Golf? 

We wanted a name that would separate us from all other instruction as well as a name that was diverse enough to be applied to other areas of the golf industry.  Instruction is just the beginning for Imperial Golf and we feel with our knowledge and professionalism we'll be able to branch out into others areas within the world of golf. 

 Why get rid of the "academy" name?  

Our vision initially was to create something that was less regional so that when we start expanding beyond our current location the transition would be less complicated.  Further more, in the world of changing golf retailers and club companies our role within the golf industry has yet to be defined. We are excited to find out what opportunities await us!

Jon Snyder    Owner - Pro Instructor

Jon Snyder

Owner - Pro Instructor

Jon Snyder Bio -  DeWitt, IA

Growing up in Iowa I developed a passion for the game at an early age and went on to play golf for my local High School.  A couple years after graduating I enrolled in the Golf Academy of America program at the Myrtle Beach, SC campus.  While I was there I was able to cultivate the desire I had for teaching and growing the game of golf.  Graduating with honors from the academy I transitioned immediately into to a teaching career which brought me to Kansas City, MO in 2013.  I have remained here since continuing to pursue the vision I started with at the Golf Academy in Myrtle Beach, to impact the world of golf in a major way.  That is the vision I am continuing to pursue here with Imperial Golf.

J.T. Watson    Marketing Director - Pro Instructor

J.T. Watson

Marketing Director - Pro Instructor

J.T. Watson Bio - Battle Ground, WA

I started playing golf at the age of 6 with the help and guidance of my Dad and Grandpa and continued on into High School.  I spent 2 years playing College Basketball in Portland, OR.  Wanting to get back into golf I enrolled in the Golf Academy of America program in 2011 at the Myrtle Beach, SC campus.  I graduated with honors and earned my Players Credential. In 2014 while working in Orlando, FL and preparing to enter US Amateur events as well as US Open qualifiers I achieved a +4 handicap and was playing the best golf of my life.  Being no better than a 10 handicap in High School, my transition as a golfer from average to well above average helps me understand what every student has to go through.  The passion I have for this game and a thirst for knowledge is what helps me to continually improve as a teacher and coach for all our students. 


Our purpose...


Achieve Your True Potential...

       Potential can be a very dangerous word in any area in life and certainly is in the golfing world.  As instructors our job is to manage expectations, all the while encouraging each golfer to realize what they are truly capable of and following through on those desires and dreams.  Golfers of all ages need goals in order to improve and here at the Academy we love to help them reach those goals. 

      We do this in a number of ways through their golf swing and mental approach to the game.  Starting with swing fundamentals and simplifying the motion so it becomes easier to repeat.  The relationship between bio-mechanics and physics is at the core of any golf swing or athletic movement.  We use this as our primary focus for all instruction.  This allows us to avoid the "textbook" swing thoughts and singular "teaching philosophies". (Stack and tilt-One Plain etc.)

      With the understanding that players at all levels from the professional to the weekend warrior all have inherently different body types and approaches to swinging the golf club. We utilize visual feedback on high speed cameras to diagnose the primary issue of any golfers swing.  From posture to club position, grip, aim and set-up, a key component we constantly come back to is refining the basics to create a more natural movement.  

     Doing away with the predictable and stereotypical golf lesson we strive to diagnose the primary problem by identifying the number of symptoms with in each individuals swing.  With the proper amount of guidance and proper practice applied we firmly believe every golfer can not only improve but exceed their own expectations. 



The Importance of youth development...

    With the game of golf becoming ever more popular these days it is important to focus on the area in which the game is growing.  Young golfers are vital to the growth of our industry and its important to impress upon them the rules and traditions of this wonderful game.  From work ethic to sportsmanship and basic course etiquette we want to encourage the growth of young golfers to be competitive as well as respectful of their opponents and more importantly the game itself. 

     We have a strong youth contingent here at the academy and with our focus on fundamentals as well as keeping the game of golf fun, the junior golfers in the area continue to find our location fun and productive place to grow their game.  From full swing to short game we concentrate on simplifying the golf swing and maximize club speed and eye-hand coordination.  Setting their swings up for minor adjustments as they continue to grow.

    Once our kids reach a certain playing ability we can then discuss on course management and mental approach.  Helping them to think their way around the golf course at an early age and in tournament play will help their growth as a golfer exponentially.  With the understanding that each junior golfer is unique, we take pride in finding the right way to show them their best qualities as a golfer and where we can help them improve.