Passion. Process. Perform.



You can’t buy it, you can’t obtain it.  It’s that little flame inside that you nurture until it becomes visible to those around you.  Passion is the reason Imperial Golf exists.  Through hard work, determination and a willingness to continuously grow and learn, we are here because we want to make a significant impact on the landscape of golf.   Passion is at the core of what we do.  We coach because we firmly believe in making a difference in people’s lives which is not exclusive to golf.  By applying passion and optimism to the game we love, we find that we can bring joy to many of our students’ lives. We create an environment of contagious learning as well as teaching our students to enjoy the game of golf from a leisurely perspective or a competitive one.  Our goal here is not simply to find the issue with any swing and fix it, but to teach you to enjoy the game of golf while making you a better player along the way. 


A discipline. A commitment.  A relationship with you and you alone.  Holding yourself accountable to your own journey.  Process is what most golfers are searching for and it is what most golf instructors fail to understand and apply.  Accessing information is not the challenging part.  It is the application of the information received that can prove to be quite a daunting task.  With a process put in place combined with the visual feedback EVERY golfer needs to understand the issues at hand, one can finally understand how to truly improve. There are no shortcuts, no quick fixes, simply process. 


A culmination of what your own goals have led you to.  Executing the discipline you have stuck with over the course of time.  Performing is relative to the golfer at any given time in their process.  Every golfer wants to perform better in some way.  We're here to provide structure and a plan to those who lack both.  What we’re wanting to drive home for each golfer is to stick to their process and the performance will be there.  A combination of passion and process leads you to perform better than you ever thought possible, better than your original intentions.  Performance is relative to the golfer, and yet there is no less satisfaction in helping any golfer obtain and ultimately surpass their goals. 


The Importance of Youth Development...

       With the game of golf becoming ever more popular these days it is important to focus on the area in which the game is growing.  Young golfers are vital to the growth of our industry and its important to impress upon them the rules and traditions of this wonderful game.  From work ethic to sportsmanship and basic course etiquette we want to encourage the growth of young golfers to be competitive as well as respectful of their opponents and more importantly the game itself. 

     We have a strong youth contingent here at Imperial and with our focus on fundamentals as well as keeping the game of golf fun, the junior golfers in the area continue to find our facility a fun and productive place to grow their game.  From short game to full swing we concentrate on simplifying the motion and developing eye-hand coordination. The primary goal with a junior is to setup their swing up for minor adjustments as they continue to grow.

    Once our youth reach a certain playing ability we can then discuss on course management and mental approach.  Helping them to properly think their way around the golf course at an early age whether that be in tournament play or a casual round will help their growth as a golfer exponentially.  With the understanding that each junior golfer is unique, we take pride in finding the right way to show them their best qualities as a golfer and where we can help them improve.