"After the swing analysis I started lesson with J.T., my swing has dramatically changed for the better in the few times I have gone.  Hands down a great way to see your swing and learn from it.  The lessons are worth every penny as well!"

Jeramie B. - September 1, 2017

"Jon and J.T. are great, very knowledgeable and friendly."

Chris S. - April 8, 2017

"Great group of guys. Between their knowledge of the game, the methods used to instruct, and instant feedback, I foresee my game eventually getting to the point I want it."

Ryan T. - January 17, 2017

"Very helpful and informative. The videos show me what a golf swing should look like and then what my golf swing looked like. wow what a difference. Jon was extremely patient and explained everything in detail so I could easily understand it. Well worth the time to go there!!!"

Alan N. - August 23, 2016



Nick S. — 5 star

October 8, 2016 ·

"Learning to play Golf is a struggle to say the least. You always need to have someone to help correct the minor and/or major problems you could develop in your game. Ryan will be that person for you, your child or your friend. Learning from someone who studies the game is the only way to improve."

Laura R.  — 5 star

April 13, 2016 ·

"Imperial Golf is a Top-notch High-tech studio catered to any golfer at any playing level; that improves your swing & overall game. Knowledgeable & professional staff in a welcoming environment! Check it out!!"