Passion with Purpose...


Our focus here at Imperial Golf is to establish quality over quantity.  This applies to instruction, as well as the brands we represent, from golf equipment and apparel to Universities and golf courses. 

Vice Golf

Top quality Golf Balls


Our goal here at Imperial is to have brands that have purpose and passion behind their product.  Vice Golf is a perfect example of this. Based out of Germany they are an online company that since 2015 has made quality a priority over profit.

Creating a Tour quality golf balls that are affordable and ship them directly to the consumer.  They offer two versions of their Pro level ball as well as two versions of a lower compression golf ball.  

They also specialize in top quality hats, visor, beanies and gloves which we'll be looking to add to our facility in the very near future.


Mizuno Golf

Golf Equipment

A brand new relationship for us at Imperial Golf!  In November of 2017 we signed with Mizuno to help broaden our horizons adding another service for our student body.

Mizuno produces some of the best equipment in golf.  With the golf equipment industry fluctuating the way it has these past few years, Mizuno remains consistent focusing more on innovation and quality rather than marketing and quantity.     

As a brand that stands for excellence Mizuno was a perfect fit for us here at Imperial Golf.  We will be offering full service club fitting here with the Mizuno Performance System and Shaft Optimizer.  

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Under Armour

UA Golf Apparel

This relationship with Under Armour was a easy decision for us to make.  Ultimate comfort and top of the line quality in their golf performance apparel, we love everything they have produced in the last year. 

Founded in 1996 by former University of Maryland football player Kevin Plank, Under Armour is the originator of performance apparel - gear engineered to keep athletes cool, dry and light throughout the course of a game, practice or workout. The technology behind Under Armour's diverse product assortment for men, women and youth is complex, but the program for reaping the benefits is simple: wear HeatGear® when it's hot, ColdGear® when it's cold, and AllSeasonGear® between the extremes.

Under Armour’s mission is to make all athletes better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation


Evnroll Putters

Short Game

Another new relationship forged over the past few months Evnroll Putters is our newest venture to help bring quality equipment to our facility and make available for our students.

Hitting a straight putt isn’t easy. On a 15 footer, a ball hit just half an inch off-center will travel about 6” off line and 5% shorter. That slight miss-hit is a missed putt!

Introducing Evnroll®. Precise patented face milling imparts progressively more energy transfer on off-center hits to roll the ball a consistent distance with every stroke.

This unique milling pattern also gears the ball back to the center. So you can roll your putts the same distance to the same spot. Sweet.